10 ways Salesforce Nonprofits Success Pack helps NPO (Infographic)


What Can Salesforce’Non-Profit Success Pack Provide You With? See this infographic!
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For anyone trying to run a Non-Profit Organization (NPO), the challenges you face can be very specific. For one, you can face a bit of a funding gap when it comes to improving the back-end of your business. Many people underrate the vital importance of a high-quality admin and customer relationship management solution, but tools like Salesforce offer a proven solution.

If you are a NPO and you want to improve your back-end management, Salesforce may be of use to you. To make life even easier, you can access the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. This package offers a comprehensive solution that makes it much easier for you to take full control of your business on a day-to-day basis.

From how you manage and speak with your customers to how you try to get people to take action and invest again in future, Salesforce offers proven solutions time and time again.


Salesforce Nonprofits Success Pack: Is It For You?

First off, ask yourself the following:

  • Do you struggle to manage data in the business?
  • Are you struggling to keep up-to-date donor details?
  • Is forecasting for short and long-term solutions proving hard?
  • Have you noticed the challenge in setting up reports and compiling data?
  • Are you always manually handling everything from sponsorship to accounts?

If so, you might worry that you simply lack the IT budget to meet the issues that you face. Fear not, though; the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack solves that issue almost immediately. How so?


What Can Salesforce’ Non-Profit Success Pack Provide You With?

  • A new CRM solution that makes fundraising a piece of cake. This helps you to easily raise funds, manage donor accounts and prepare for more donations.
  • Instead of simply waiting and hoping for someone to turn up, this CRM makes it easy to manage relationships and improve donations.
  • Communication solutions for sending out messages to stakeholders supports and partners. Manage everything through community-specific platforms, or use general communication such as e-mail.
  • Better manage cases and take better control of everything from tracking and approving donations to funding.
  • Track all volunteers, set up shift patterns and make sure there’s accurate representation of all the hard work being carried out on the behalf of your business.
  • Run and schedule up new reports, manage everything through a simple to use and easily accessible dashboard all with reliable and realistic results.

With all of this done right, you can find that Salesforce CRM for nonprofits makes managing your NPO much easier. Usually, all of the above would be a huge expense for your NPO to invest in. It normally would need multiple pieces of licensed software and vast hours put into training up your team to use it right.

With Salesforce, such problems are a thing of the past. Now everything can be easily managed and put together in the one place. With one set of training, one tool to use and one unified solution, your NPO’ failing IT issues can soon become a thing of the past!


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