Why construction companies need CRM to face modern challenges?

CRM for Construction Companies

Despite being one of the most important industries in modern life, the construction industry is often out-of-touch. Technological advancement in construction equipment is commonplace, but company management often falls by the wayside. In fact, a large collection of construction firms still working using old, outdated methodology.

Many still turn to things like pen and paper to try and organize the business, meaning issues with discovery of information and storage becomes apparent.

Add in the rather fractious nature of a construction job, too, and this often isn’t fast enough. These outdated business control methods often mean that such businesses struggle to make the right kind of impact. If you run a construction business and you would like to try and avoid these issues, solutions do exist. Through the use of CRM software, you can front up against the challenges that you face in your working environment without too much issue.

Thanks to the power of CRM for construction companies, construction companies can overcome many of their major challenges. What are they, though?



Combating Your Primary Challenges

One of the most common challenges you are likely to face in the construction industry is making progress with a project. Projects need to be able to maintained and for progress to be visible, but it’s often hard to see that progress by eye. This is a major challenge and makes judging milestones and the chance for reaching deadlines much harder to believe in for those involved.

At the same time, management of the administrative side of a construction job is a major issue. Have you ever wanted to try and get access to everything from revenue forecasts to contracts? Then you usually have it all stored in-paper, on-file in the main office. This means someone has to be in the office and be willing to comb through the office in a bid to find out the information that you need.

That’s naturally a bit of a challenge for a regular business. You might not have the time or you may lack the manpower to do this normally, which can make it hard for you to balance how your business operates in general. Have you ever wanted to know where your company is in relation to each of its construction jobs? Finding out that information can take more time than one might assume.

Have you ever wanted to try and find resource allocation content, too? This matters a great deal. For example, you could easily double-book a construction crew or find yourself in need of one piece of equipment in two places at once. This slows down productivity and makes it much harder for you to make the kind of progress that you had intended.

If that sounds like a common problem for your business, then you need to find a solution. For many construction firms, that would be CRM. With the right software, you can easily adjust spending, improve day-to-day performance and generally make your business much more likely to meet its stated aims without too much effort needed on your part.

If you are working in the construction industry, you need to understand the key factors why using software such as a CRM platform can make such a telling difference to the way that you operate.

Why Technological Advancement Matters

Stand Out From The Crowd. The first and arguably most important reasoning for this advancement is the reputational benefit that you can enjoy. CRM for construction companies is still rare, and many of your competition simply will stick to the old system that’s so problematic described above. If you make that move, though, you instantly show your clients and customers that you are more advanced than the average.

You’ll be more productive, more proactive and far more precious with regards to resource usage. This has the net benefit of making it easier for you to maintain the competitive edge over the competition.

Set the Standard. Another reason why making the change to using CRM – and other tech developments – is the fact it sets a new standard. If you are the only company in your sector using this all important solution, then you can find that you are able to help be faster, more efficient, more reliable and less likely to make an admin error compared to your competition.

This can help to set you up not just as a business with a difference, but a construction firm who is serious about rapid development over a period of time. While your competition all bicker and argue among themselves, you can take a better approach to managing resources, sales, project control and everything else that slows down businesses in the industry!

Save More, Spend Less. Not only will your business immediately become more efficient, communication will improve tenfold. Keeping staff abreast of changes taking place in the workplace becomes easier, as does everything from the planning of projects and allocation of men alongside resource allocation.

This is hard to do in the standard system that so many construction firms run using, so make a positive change instead and start spending less while saving more. This helps to reduce over-ordering of materials, improves efficiency and helps to keep the various teams in your workforce on the right track!


The Perfect Solution

Therefore, CRM makes the perfect solution, offering you the ideal help that you need in understanding the challenges ahead. CRM for construction companies can assist with the following:

  • For one, your business will be much more likely to be able to maintain control over your management of projects. You can now put projects in the pipeline much easier, giving you the chance to better manage resources and bid for jobs that you can make the most of and do the best job on. This help you to understand the kind of projects being bid upon, where the process is with regards to the sale, the due date of the bids and various other positive factors in project management.
  • Another element is purely financial. You should quickly find that this allows you to easily provide information for both your own staff and your customer base to help better control the financial side of your project. You can now more readily manage resource and staff allocation, making sure that every penny going in and out of your business can be accounted for and understood when looking at the accounts at a later date.
  • Another key reason why you might want to consider the use of CRM is the fact that it can help to make the sales stage so much easier. By giving you a standard methodology to follow alongside, you can easily set up the prime sales stage to help make the right approach possible. This allows for you to easily ensure you meet the big requirements, that you can make a fair proposal and you can have all the tools needed to win and complete the contract at hand.

As you can see, then, CRM software offers the perfect opportunity for you to learn about business management and customer care. It makes it easier to manage everything for all contracts you are involved in, either with a bid or by winning the contract, and can go some way to making sure you are much closer to creating a business plan that actually gets you clients.

However, much like anything else in life, choosing the right CRM software can be tough. With so many options out there to pick from, what CRM platforms should you consider going for?

One common solution that is often positively spoken of is Salesforce; a CRM for construction companies and other industries. Is it right for you, though?


Can Salesforce Assist?

As ever, it comes down to being able to fully determine if a company like Salesforce can give you the care and assistance that you need. With so many successful construction companies who are open to technological advancement turning to CRM software, Salesforce has become a common choice for anyone looking to utilize and embrace this new advancement.

This can help you to:

  • Easily manage financial reporting, making it easy to see the full in/out of any project for simple management.
  • Manage and improve relationships by being able to better handle contractors, subcontractors and more.
  • Maintain and manage every bid to make sure it is 100% on the right track to success.
  • Track every single project and make sure that it’s automatically quoted at total cost for authenticity.
  • Improve work orders and make alterations when needed, keep everything on time and in budget.
  • Manage invoices and collections, put in material requests and handle the resource allocation of your business better.
  • Handle and manage warranty tracking to help make sure you are always on the right side.

Overall, then, you can hopefully see that the ideal CRM for construction companies is to turn to Salesforce. With so many options out there, you can find Salesforce delivers all the help you need to manage contacts and maximize opportunities to help your construction firm thrive in 2018 and beyond!