10 Reasons Why You Need Salesforce for NonProfits


Nonprofit organizations all over the world suffer from a few issues that make their progress difficult. One of the most essential problems they have is the lack of management and organization solutions
Salesforce for NonProfits

Nonprofit organizations all over the world suffer from a few issues that make their progress difficult. One of the most essential problems they have is the lack of management and organization solutions. Having to get veering done with paperwork and archives is often going to be a very tedious issue that is going to make proper control of their data quite hard. Most of these types of organizations are going to have a very hard time maintaining productivity because of this issue alone. This is why the need for a proper management method is going to be huge.

There is no way to deny that Salesforce is the ultimate CRM tool that is allowing business ventures to get incredible results. One of the biggest issues for any NGO is that they often have to spend too much time worrying about collecting, organizing and managing their data. This can be very difficult to handle because it makes their job much harder in every possible way. These organizations need to focus on their incredibly valuable job instead of having to waste their time with this kind of issue. Salesforce for nonprofits is going to help make this process much easier.



Limited Productivity is Terrible for an NGO

All business venture suffer from lack of productivity, but an NGO needs to be extremely productive. This is the best way for them to be able to keep their organization running. This is the reason why the use of a good CRM is going to make a huge difference in the results that they are able to see. Sales for nonprofit is definitely the way to go if they want to be able to achieve the most reliable results.

Spending less time doing any kind of paperwork, and being able to focus on the productive aspect of the organization is a going to make a huge difference. Non profits are like any other business in the sense that they need to be organized and they need to keep everything moving forward if they are to see results.

The Fundraising Benefits of Salesforce for Nonprofits

Being able to raise funds for their business is the biggest and most important thing that any NGO needs to do. This is going to allow them to stay open as an organization. The problem with many of these organizations is that they have no way of efficiently managing and checking the status of their donors.

When NGOs can properly classify their donors by amount and by their interactions with these donors, they can easily make a better decision to see which one is going to be a recurrent donor and when they can be contacted again for more support.


Operational Efficiency Increase

One of the best aspects of having Salesforce for nonprofits is that this is going to make the operational aspect of the organization much easier. This is going to allow for easier communication with colleagues and also with partners that help the organization grow in synergy. This is the kind of thing that you need to consider at all times if you want to see real results.

Operational efficiency is the main pillar of a successful nonprofit organization effort. If you don’t have proper operational strategies, you are not going to be able to achieve any results.


A Good Nonprofit CRM that Provides Program Management

The best thing about using this CRM is that it has great management features that can be extremely helpful. You can configure and customize the platform in any way you want in order to see the best possible results when you are looking to handle and assign any kind of tasks. The categorization of assets, the automation of certain tasks and the proper tracking of your activities are all things to consider if you want to run a smooth organization.


Grant Management has Never Been Easier

Any NGO is going to want to be able to manage their grants properly. The lifecycle of the grants is often one thing that these companies are not being able to check properly and that is the main reason why it’s so hard for them to use regular filing and paperwork to manage this aspect of their business. Salesforce nonprofit management is definitely going to make this process much easier at all times.

Manage volunteers with Ease

Your volunteers are like your workforce. This means that you need to be able to track, manage and monitor their contributions as much as you can. The volunteer plays a truly important role in the process of building any NGO and this is why it’s so important for you to keep this in mind at all times. If your volunteers are not efficiently helping the organization achieve any progress, this is something that you need to know and control.


Event Management

Any time you do any kind of event for you NGO, this can be hard to track properly in order to see the results you obtained from the event. Managing calendars, tracking your RSVP’s and obtaining fully detailed reports is going to be a crucial and very beneficial way for your team to engage those who attend the events.

Events are an integral part of the success of any NGO. This is why it’s important to keep proper records of the amount of people that attended, and the kind of interactions and results achieved with the event. If you don’t have this kind of control, the results will never be worth the time spent.


Efficient Reporting

Getting reports on every aspect of your NGO is definitely going to be a factor that determines how much support you are able to get. Don’t forget that your main goal is to work with a large number of supporters in order to upgrade your results and ensure the most reliable outcome.

Reports are too important to keep things under control. Salesforce nonprofit allows you to have these reports handy and ready for evaluation. This happens regardless of how old or how recent they might be in your files.


All Successful NGOs Use CRM

Yes, the truth is that just like any successful business in modern times, most successful NGO’s are using CRM solutions because they know that this is the best way for them to be more productive. Productivity is the key to success in any kind of venture, and NGOs are no different in that sense.

The world is moving in a completely different direction now and this means that anyone in any kind of business, be it nonprofit or not, is going to have to consider the importance and value of productivity boosting tools and solutions. This is why so many ventures have finally started to see the value and importance of these tools and they can easily notice that they bring a large number of benefits to their organization.

The biggest problem that some NGOs face is that there are other NGOs out there that might be looking to get funded and to find volunteers for their cause. There is competition even with nonprofit environments, because at the end of the day, funding is required to get any kind of organization moving.

Salesforce nonprofit is a solution that not only helps with productivity, but it gets rid of a lot of stress, complications and workloads that can easily be skipped with the use of a robust CRM solution. Salesforce has the tools, the support and the features needed to make this happen.

This factor truly makes a difference when Salesforce is implemented in any kind of nonprofit organization environment. The dedication and attention to detail when creating these solutions has been the most appealing factor and non profit Salesforce is definitely the most reliable solution available on the market. When a large number of companies started using Salesforce, it was quite natural that word of mouth started to spread and other companies started to discover the big secret that their competitors had been using. Their “secret weapon” is a fitting way of putting it.

When NGOs started to implement this CRM, it was very easy for them to achieve incredible results. This happened due to the loads of paperwork and protocols that they skipped. Other NGOs started to see this and they also started to implement non profit CRM software in their organization. This allowed them to achieve incredible results much faster than they expected.

The Power of Automation

Automation has become a huge part of our lives in every possible way. This is quite natural now that we are living in a very hectic world. We are all counting the minutes of each day instead of the hours, and this means that we need to get more things done on a daily basis. Those who fall behind are also going to fail to survive in the modern world. There is no room for low productivity even when talking about a nonprofit organization.

A good customer relationship management system is going to take care of automation. This happens in ways that most organizations don’t even dream of accomplishing. That is the main reason why it’s so important to get people to see the value of the CRM and the power that it brings to their company.

The process of automation has been around for a while, but it continues to evolve in ways that make each minute of work count much more than it did before. The largest companies all over the globe are seeing the benefits, but even small business ventures and very small NGOs are using CRM solutions to boost productivity and they never regret this decision.

Imagine having to go through stacks of paper work and looking into old archives just to find valuable and relevant information about a business partner or volunteer. The same goes for grant management, event management and every possible aspect related to the process of keeping an NGO on its feet.


The Value of the Solution

Salesforce for nonprofits is a very powerful solution and you can easily apply to find out if you quality to get this amazing tool for your NGO by visiting the Salesforce page. There are many CRM platforms available out there, but none of them comes close to the power, the reliability and the user friendly features that Salesforce is able to bring to their audience. This is why they continue to be the leaders in the industry and the use of their CRM has expanded to global numbers.

This makes it evident that organizations all over the world are seeing the value, and importance of boosting productivity. Salesforce provides that boost ways that no other tool ever could. This is why it becomes much harder for nonprofit organizations without a proper CRM to stand out and maintain a good level of funding to keep their organization alive.

The time to make this decision is now, and the results you will get from this are going to be sufficient to remind you that you made the right choice. Nothing maters more in modern times than being able to stay on top of things and to have the right kind of support for your organization.



To forget the importance of proper time management is to forget the value of productivity. No organization can make it in the modern world if the productivity levels are inferior to the modern standards. This is the main reason why we fully recommend the use of Salesforce nonprofit for any NGO that is looking to stand the test of time. This is the only test that you should focus on passing.

You will always remember the day you decide to incorporate this CRM solution. Your productivity, your engagement, your control over your operations and your level of success will be a true testament of that decision. Get started as soon as possible and you will see immediate changes in the way your entire organization gets work done in all areas. Salesforce is the way to go for success! Visit one of our case studies to discover how Salesforce nonprofit success pack can help your business!