Significant Productivity Increase in 2017: How we Made it Possible?


Various challenges can stop us from achieving what we had aimed for and expected – but it shouldn’t stop you from aiming high!
Significant Productivity Increase in 2017: How we made it possible?

As any business owner will know, the aim of every year is to be more successful than the last. However, as any business owner will also attest to, life isn’t quite so cut and dried, is it? Various challenges can stop us from achieving what we had aimed for and expected – but it shouldn’t stop you from aiming high!

2017 has been full of challenges at BUSINESS, but we’ve worked as a team and with clear directives to overcome each challenge. We want to talk a little about what we’ve done in 2017 to make this year, and the years to come, more profitable for ourselves and more worthwhile for our customers. If you’re looking for inspiration to see how 2018 can be even better for you, then take a look at the changes we’ve been making at the top table to build our business into something better than ever!

In a bid to help other business leaders make the most of what remains in 2017, and lay the foundations for a profitable 2018, we’ve put together a key listing of what we believe played a major role in our business development.


Success in 2017: At Business Level

So, as mentioned above, 2017 was a successful year for BUSINESS. We worked tirelessly to help create a long-term opportunity that allowed our business to thrive. Now, though, we would like to help showcase what changes we made at business level to let this take place. While many other minor scenarios likely played a role in 2017 seeing our company become more successful, we believe that the following attributes were important:

  • Direction. For one, the early part of 2017 was spent forging a long-term direction for the company. We looked at where we were, where competitors had reached and where opportunities have to be taken from. We looked closer at our service and product offerings and realized we have no real direction. So, we set up clear parameters for what every product and service was aimed at improving. If you are serious about success in the long-term, you need a direction to travel in.
  • Dedication. At the same time, we remained steadfastly dedicated to this new direction. The first months were slow and this meant having to work hard as a company to make up for a shortfall in time and success. These structural changes, though hard at the time, were successful thanks to the dedication of our companies’ staff. Your company could undergo the same metamorphosis by maintaining dedication through the hard times and the good.
  • Investment. Not in pure financial terms, but investment in knowledge. Knowing what the latest technological advancements relative to our business and industry was very important, and played a major role in our growth. This investment to stay up-to-date with new innovations allows us to be prepared for large-scale development at a business level.
  • Investors. By maintaining this focus, this drive and a constant understanding of innovation, this made it easier for us to know how to attract investors. Put simply, your business can attract greater investment opportunities by having a direction, being dedicated to heading in that direction and investing time into knowing more about the industry. The more focused you appear to be, the more appealing you are to investment and investors. 2017 was hugely successful from an investment point of view as we were able to present a clearer long-term plan than ever before.
  • Planning. Speaking of planning, 2017 was very successful for us in terms of investment and opportunity as we forged a clear business plan. This made it easier to convince investors to get involved but also to help make sure that we were targeting the right people at the correct time and cost along the way. This helps us to know we have a business and marketing plan that was built upon solid foundations and which were a positive match for our own business.

Using the above, we were able to forge a very successful year. One element left out from the above, though, is teamwork.

Teamwork in the Workplace: Why it Matters

While a complete philosophical change in the workplace played a major role in our growth, so did our desire to enhance teamwork capabilities. To do this, we believe that the best pathway is to:

  • Divide. Instead of leaving one department to handle most of the work on a project or task, divide it up. Make sure that your staff know that bringing in extra assistance from other departments is something that is respected and will be allowed. Competition, meanwhile, will likely continue to follow the trend of ignoring or ostracizing other groups within the workplace from taking part.
  • Ask. Ask for help! Many people allow pride and ego to stop them from asking for help. Avoid making the same mistake yourself; simply ask for help if you need it. We created a cultured or allowing questions to be seen as valid, and this meant that our teamwork within the workplace changed almost overnight. You could do the same, too.
  • Connect. Your staff should all be united under the one common banner. You all have your own personalities and sub-traits, but you all work together so there should be a common goal. Set that common goal in place as early as you can; it can make a monumental difference to how you work and deal with day-to-day business management. If everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet, it’s much easier to progress and grow.
  • Celebrate. You stand together and fall together. Commiserate a lost result together and never leave anyone to take the blame. At the same time, celebrate a win together and make sure that the glorious nature of your success is much easier to enjoy and celebrate for all of the right reasons.
  • Invest. Lastly, even with all of the above, your business needs the right tools to work together. Invest in project management tools; they will play an exceptional role in changing how you organize, prepare and motivate your staff to work as one and make genuine change possible.

With all of the above, you can hopefully see how success was achieved for our company in 2017. 2018 will see us continue along the path to a team-based, investment-heavy, committed business that never looks to stand still.

This is one of our most successful periods in operation history, fueled by our desire to change working conditions and atmospheres. Now, you can make the same investment in your staff to reap the rewards for many more years to come.