Commission Tracking App & Salesforce

Commission Tracking App and Salesforce

They got the same functionality and workflow features of the Commission-Tracking App by customizing Salesforce

Commission Tracking App and Salesforce

The Challenge

Salesforce is an all-encompassing solution but despite its capability of being integrable with other platforms for extending automation and functionality, it’s worthy to know that sometimes the new functionalities expected from plugging Salesforce into another platform can be developed from and within Salesforce. This way you can save money and have a more efficient system.

Our client was using Salesforce and a well-known commission-tracking app in order to manage and track their sales commissions. Naturally, they were paying for both Salesforce and the commission tracking app licenses, which in this case was more than they should. Not only is there a cost factor, but there’s a disconnect when using programs in tandem. Our client asked us to make a connection between the commission-tracking app and Salesforce so they could track transacting and customer situations with a bi-directional system in data transportation.

The Solution

The Comelite Cloud architect team came together to analyze the commission-tracking app, and this process yielded a solution that was out of the box. Our team realized they could meet the functionality and workflow features of the commission-tracking app with Salesforce. This meant the client could manage everything within a single platform. This solution included user management, commission plan management, catalogs, goals, split payments, reports, dashboards, and more.

The Results

Our client is now enjoying real-time transparency in commission payments while also getting detailed reports and interactive dashboards. The company’s sales team now has full insight with an all-in-one platform that does everything the client needs without the cost and fragmentation of two platforms. In addition, the platform allows easy access to client’s accounts, plans, files, activities, and other details.

Quick Facts
Our client is saving time with a single platform for managing the company while enjoying more usable, powerful metrics tracking and saving money.
Comelite Cloud
took a one-on-one approach to assess the client’s unique needs and delivered a solution that met all cost-saving goals while allowing a whole new level of uniformity.
The client recognized
the need for a change in their current system that would allow for bilateral data transportation while yielding lower costs.