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EDP - A Learning Management System based on Salesforce

EDP Learning Management System

The Challenge

Education Development Partnerships Ltd. was established in 2014 to deliver leading-edge higher educational consulting. As part of the company’s mission to provide quality, competitive, progressive, and inclusive education experiences for learners around the world, Education Development Partnerships Ltd. needed an effective system on Salesforce. As a certified Salesforce consulting partner company, Comelite Cloud felt they could approach this challenge with a dynamic solution.

The Solution

EDP would be able to inspire more trainees with Salesforce, and so Comelite implemented a comprehensive learning management system on the Salesforce platform. Every bit of information is housed in one place, including data on trainees, mentors, and educational institutes. Thanks to this Salesforce solution, EDP can schedule, manage, and monitor the learning programs for all trainees within one central infrastructure. Salesforce seamlessly connects mentors and coaches so they can view data on all their trainees and programs within one single platform. Comelite was able to leverage their knowledge and expertise in Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Pardot to help EDP align their sales and marketing technology with a strategy that will drive revenue.

The Results

Comelite’s Salesforce solution made it possible for EDP to step away from a selling perspective. Instead, they can focus on administration. We provided excellent salesforce LMS integration and implemented winning strategies. Thanks to this strategy and the successful implementation of Salesforce, EDP is making an even larger impact and is helping more trainees to leverage services for achieving better results. The technology provided by Comelite ensures that EDP will be able to enjoy higher revenues while reducing the number of hours spent on selling strategies.

Quick Facts
needed a system to deliver leading-edge higher educational consulting to clients.
implemented a comprehensive LMS on the Salesforce platform.
Our Solution
made it possible for EDP to step away from a selling perspective and focus on administration.