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Salesforce Sales Process
Customer Success

The adopted sales automation has resulted in a better engagement, helping the business to grow faster


The Challenge

For decades, Vivo Resorts has been a premium real estate agency that offers unique spaces in the form of private luxury villas, oceanfront condominium, and apartments. The added facility for buying, renting and resale, which is really quick and easy, has made them the first choice among others in the industry. They have the passion to create beautiful spaces, where relationships nurture within people providing them more of happiness and joy. But over the years, there have been substantial changes in the buying process. Thus, emphasizing the need to automate the sales process that caters to the diverse marketing and sales needs. The automated sales process, today in terms of a digital platform has a lot of advantages; prominent one of them being- minimizing the dependency on manual sales, which had increased probability of failures. For the same purpose, the Comelite Cloud has been working on the need for sales automation, smart sales via email marketing and a lot more. These have better results as compared to conventional sales and marketing process.

The Solution

Sales Process is unique for every business, which must be equivalent to the business aim, purpose and the sales set target. Comelite Cloud has designed a customized or say tailor-made sales strategy that covers the following:

  1. Approvals
  2. Process Builder
  3. Workflow
  4. Cloud Flow Designer

It has devised not only a strategy but a model, catering the business requirements to the fullest. The automation process will help to streamline the Salesforce sales process and provide Vivo Resorts with its required percentile of leads. It is designed with the aim to enhance the sales process, reducing the manual mistakes and increasing the percentile of leads.

The Results

The adopted sales automation has resulted in a better engagement, helping the business to grow faster. We performed Salesforce sales process optimization and it helped them in targeting the right audience thus getting the results effectively and efficiently. Since the entire process was implemented to streamline the marketing and sales process, it helped in reducing the efforts and maximizing the results and profits. It supported the sales team by saving time to capture better leads, increasing the forecasting to devise effective solutions and whatever the feedback came, was implemented within minutes. Therefore, it increased the overall sales productivity. The email marketing concept added a customized touch to this marketing, thus improving the conversion rate and helping them get better ROI.

Quick Facts
The client recognized
the need for smart marketing to get to the right market, and right set of customers to maximize its sales and marketing needs.
Comelite Cloud
with its adoption of smart marketing and sales automation into the current sales strategy, made the concept of better and effective marketing into reality.
Vivo Resorts saved time to get to the leads and persuade them through the lead nurturing process. The sales automation streamlined the entire process to reach the prospects on time and to maximize the conversion rates.