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Salesforce Lightning Experience

Being able to migrate the Salesforce Classic CRM to Salesforce Lighting is essential. This is a very important step in the process of maintaining a competitive edge and a productive workforce. Understanding the main differences between Classic and Lightning is going to be crucial. We are going to give you important steps on the Salesforce lightning migration process.

The lightning experience is definitely superior in terms of navigation, and it allows the users to switch between apps. There is also a huge change in the access and compatibility with tools such as Notes. The smooth and fast transitions available in this system are definitely the most important aspect of it. It is called lightning because it provides lightning fast solutions that used to take much longer.

The home page for the new system offers an incredibly intuitive and customizable interface. The entire system is now able to give you information several things. This includes news, articles, partners and all kinds of key issues that need to be solved during the day. This is one of the reasons why migrating should be seen as a priority.

The beauty of Lightning is that you can prioritize things on your interface. This is done with a very simple system that allows you to “mold” things in suitable way. This makes the migration process even more appealing for those who are still undecided and continue using classic.

Why Salesforce Lightning?

New features will not be available in classic

The biggest issue with staying in classic is that their support and focus is going to be on lightning. This means that classic users will miss new features that come out. This is a huge reason why you should consider migrating as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to have an outdated system. One that is not taking full advantage of technology and innovation.

It provides a productive interface

While it might seem to people that Salesforce Classic is just as good, the truth is that Salesforce lightning migration is much easier than people think. You see rewards with a much better system after short-lived inconvenience of making this change. You are looking at years of valuable solutions and features that you would not be able to get with Classic.

There are many software changes that can cause a huge boost in productivity. That alone is worth the migration process with Lightning.

Things are just getting started

Salesforce Lightning is getting constant development and update support for a very long time. This means that you are going to be making a valuable investment. One that is going to help you boost your business for years to come. Many Classic features are still being migrated. This means it’s safe to say that Lightning is going to continue to get upgrades for quite some time.

Salesforce Lightning Migration is going to start a completely new era for this CRM. This means that the old version will see no updates. The lack of new features is going to make you feel left behind as you see those upgrades. You will also notice how your current software is unable to provide those solutions.

The longer you spend without upgrading your software, the more it will start to be apparent that other business ventures are taking advantage of new features.

Everything is easier to analyze

It is hard to see things objectively when you familiarize yourself with any kind of interface. The truth is that once you get to see the Lightning interface and you compare it to the Classic. You will see that there is no contest when it comes to reliability and friendlier structural changes.

Being able to compile information faster can be a huge advantage. This helps analyze every piece of that information efficiently.

Community support will shift to Lightning

People who have trouble handling any aspect of Salesforce have always looked for support from the Salesforce community. This support is quickly going to be larger for Lightning. Classic will slowly fade away as new features will not make their way to the old interface.

The larger portion of the community support is going to shift to the new version of the CRM, and this makes it important for you to do the same. Don’t forget that you will be asking this community for help more often than you reach the Salesforce people.

How to prepare for migration

The process of migrating your Salesforce Classic to the Lightning version is easier with Salesforce Trailhead. These modules are going to give people the knowledge they need to make this process easy.

These modules will go through the process with complete explanations on how to migrate to the Lightning experience. How to get started with it and how to use it as an administrator. This is the kind of training that allows you to start using Lightning with complete command of the features.

Migrate Salesforce Classic to Lightening

Software solutions change all the time, and the need to upgrade them to maintain a competitive edge is huge. This is the main reason why we encourage all Salesforce Classic users to make the jump. The new version is crucial in order to ensure optimal results.

Salesforce is an amazing CRM that has proven its worth many times in all kinds of situations. The most important thing about any software solution like Salesforce is to keep up with the updates and upgrades. Failing to do this is going to put you behind your competitors, and that is the last thing you want to do if you plan to achieve good results.

Never forget that software updates take you from a certain level of productivity to another. These developers spend countless hours upgrading their software in order to ensure quality when they launch those updates. The sooner you decide to migrate, the better the results will be in every aspect of your business.

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