SALESFORCE FOR NONPROFIT This allows you to make more of an impact



This allows you to make more of an impact

Salesforce Nonprofit

Although many forms of software can prove useful, custom relationship management (CRM) is among the most reliable modern tools a business can utilize. Especially when it comes to managing things like fundraising, CRM is a key part of modern business management. Salesforce nonprofit allows you to easily manage relationships, track data and manage all of your constituent interactions. Alongside that, you can easily manage communications and empower decisions via the tracking of performance metrics.
With tools like Salesforce, nonprofit businesses can add much-needed visibility into major aspects of their relationships. From managing shifts for volunteers to carefully detailing donations, this is a very important part of the customer relationship in modern business. With information more centralized instead of split off into numerous directions, everything is kept in the one place. This allows for a more genuine snapshot of business performance.
Like any business software, though, it’s important that you use it in the right manner. CRM tools such as the Salesforce non-profit success pack is at its best when set up accordingly.

Setting Up the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack

The Nonprofit Success Pack helps you to take the best CRM on the planet, and make it even better. Even more specific, and even more likely to deliver a lasting, positive impact for your NPO. With the NSPS, you can easily make a major change to how you manage your use of Salesforce. This helps you to spend more time worrying about making a positive impact, and less time worrying about the challenging set-up process.
This is the foundation for any non-profit that wishes to use Salesforce. This allows you to easily tailor the need of your CRM to fit with your organization, making for deeper, stronger and more specific constituent interaction. That, of course, is a major part of running any modern business – and one of the reasons why investing in the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack.

This allows you to make more of an impact, to connect everything into the one place and to see

Business Process Optimization

Increased donor retention, with a 20%+ increase on retention rates

Support & Managed Services

Improve your engagement with constituents by over a third, vastly improving interaction

Our Services

Make it so much easier for your mission to be met and objectives to be reached

This also allows for your fundraising requirements to be more reliable met and easily matched. You can cultivate and build stronger, organic relationships together. By replacing all of your smaller break-off forms of communication and organization, everything runs in the one ideal platform.

Manage fundraising end-to-end

You need to be able to show people the main reasons why your fundraiser is worth getting behind. That’s made easier by having access to easier end-to-end fundraising. From managing the entire donation cycle from start to finish. Without having to struggle to organize everything from that first pledge to the last payment across numerous systems, everything comes together much easier.
This allows for more reliable, expressive engagement across multiple channels.

Utilizing Intelligent Insights for Consistent Donations

When it comes to the Salesforce for nonprofits cost, you’ll be pleased to know it offers a significant return on investment. By being able to collect so much data and turn it into easy to understand content, you’ll be able to much better blend together analytics to generate more accurate fundraising campaigns.
The end result? More visually impressive, analytically sound fundraising campaigns. This helps to make better decisions, avoid wasteful experimentation and hit the mark more often than not. This is all very important for any nonprofit, so consider using Salesforce for nonprofits if you wish to take elevate your campaign management to a new level.

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