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Creative Thinking Inspires Ideas

Pardot Marketing Automation

Our B2B Marketing Automation supports both big and small companies helping them excel in their respective fields. We have worked with many clients and helped them through smart business marketing automation by implementing Pardot. Our team of professionals holds expertise in campaign management, lead nurturing, marketing automation, form creation, lead handling, and lead engagement. Coupled with our team of Salesforce certified consultants; we have skilled team members who assist our clients in the implementation of Pardot as well as in its training and development processes.

Sales Cloud Quick Start

Quick-Start implementations are often the best way to quickly get started with the Sales Cloud CRM. This helps to implement a major feature for optimizing business performance, and you’ll start seeing a return on your Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM investment as soon as possible!

If you’re new to the cloud and CRM, initially we’ll help you to understand the core capabilities of Sales Cloud.

If you are already using CRM, then your business processes will be reviewed on how best to optimize them using Salesforce.

Salesforce for Nonprofit

With tools like Salesforce, nonprofit businesses can add much-needed visibility into major aspects of their relationships. From managing shifts for volunteers to carefully detailing donations, this is a very important part of the customer relationship in modern business. With information more centralized instead of split off into numerous directions, everything is kept in the one place. This allows for a more genuine snapshot of business performance. CRM tools such as the Salesforce non-profit success pack is at its best when set up accordingly.

Got Any Questions?

We’ll be more than happy to answer any queries that you may have about how the Comelite Cloud solutions operate and work.